About LincolnTalk

LincolnTalk is a mailing list for discussion of topics relating to Lincoln, Massachusetts. It is paid for and operated by a small group of Lincoln residents; it is not operated, or endorsed, by any town government office.


To subscribe to Lincoln Talk, visit http://nine.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/lincoln.

Managing your subscription

To unsubscribe, or change your subscription options (such as changing from digest mode to all messages mode, or vice versa), visit https://pairlist9.pair.net/mailman/options/lincoln.

Posting to the List

Once you've subscribed, you can post to the list by sending mail to lincoln@lincolntalk.org. When you send an email to that address, it will be sent on your behalf to all list subscribers automatically; you do not need to request that it be posted. Make your subject line whatever you'd like the subject of your post to be. For example, instead of using the subject line "Please post this" your subject line should be, for example: "For sale: hubcaps for 1972 Volkswagon."

Reaching the Moderators

To talk directly to the moderators, send email to moderator@lincolntalk.org.

Reading the List Archives

The list archives can be browsed at http://nine.pairlist.net/mailman/private/lincoln/.